Natural Cures Wrinkles
Everyone experiences some form of wrinkles. Skin wrinkling is a natural
process caused by aging. However, this wrinkling stage of your life can be
delayed and lessened through a variety of preventive methods.

Take Sun in Moderation- One of the primary causes of wrinkles in everybody
is because of the over exposure to the sun. The sun is even more damaging
nowadays because of the depletion of the ozone layer, allowing the sun's
harmful rays to more easily access your skin.

Ditch the Tanning Booths- Tanning booths are not an intelligent alternative to
sunbathing. In fact, they cause the same wrinkling as the sun rays.

Sleep Right to Prevent Wrinkles- Some wrinkles on your face can be caused
by the way in which you sleep. Sleeping with your face against your pillow
consistently may result in long-term facial effects.

Wear Sunglasses to Avoid Wrinkles- Although the sun alone contributes
greatly to the wrinkling of your skin, the squinting expression you make while in
the sun also contributes to the problem. In fact, any facial expression that one
consistently makes, possibly when talking or displaying emotion, can
contribute in the long-term towards their wrinkling. Wearing sunglasses or a
hat to avoid the squinting facial expression while outside will help prevent
wrinkling around the eyes.

Exercise Regularly- Studies show that active, athletic individuals tend to have
healthier and more elastic skin than those who are inactive.

Quit Smoking- Smoking is linked to the wrinkling of around your mouth. It also
decreases the blood supply to the blood vessels under your skin, contributing
towards wrinkling.

Eat Nutritious Meals to Halt Wrinkling- Maintaining a healthy diet will greatly
aid you in maintaining smooth, healthy skin. Foods containing Vitamins A and
C are possibly the most helpful in maintaining healthy skin. Carrots, fruit, and
green leafy vegetables are among these foods.

Washing Your Face- Soaps tend to make your skin dry after use. The dryness,
in the long run, contributes towards wrinkling. Be gentle on your facial skin
when washing it. Use a more mild soap, and rinse very well to make sure
there are no soap remnants that contribute towards skin dryness.

Maintain Stable Weight- When you gain weight, your skin slowly stretches out.
When you lose weight, your skin expansion slowly declines. If you lose weight
too quickly, wrinkles can form all over your body because your skin has not yet
had time to adjust to the sudden change in weight. The obvious preventive to
this is to not become overweight. But if you've already slipped into this
category, lose the weight gradually rather than rapidly.
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