Vomiting Natural Cures
Vomiting, also referred to as throwing up, puking, or emesis, is the forceful
expulsion of the contents of one's stomach through the mouth and sometimes
the nose. The feeling that one is about to vomit is referred to as
Although nausea usually precedes, it does not always lead to vomiting.

If your vomiting is persistent or bloody, you should seek medical help.

Increase Fluid Intake- A health risk that accompanies vomiting is dehydration.
It is very important to replace the fluids that you lose from vomiting. Thick soups
or milk may be too much for your stomach to handle at this time. Try to drink
light, clear liquids such as water, weak tea, and light juices.

Drink Slowly to Prevent Vomiting- Because your stomach is very vulnerable
and sensitive, it is important to drink the fluids in a very slow manner to prevent
further irritation.

Judge Your Urine- if your urine is dark in color, such as gold, your body isn't
receiving enough liquids and you may be nearing dehydration. A lighter, more
clear and transparent urine indicates that your fluid consumption rate is more

Avoid Carbonated Drinks- The bubbling ability of carbonated soft drinks can
irritate the stomach further and induce increased vomiting.

Try Warmer Fluids- Cold drinks have the potential to chill and irritate your
sensitive stomach. Try to stick to beverages about room-temperature.

Your Diet After Vomiting- After your vomiting has settled down, you can
transition slowly into a light diet consisting of foods such as Jell-O, fish, or light

Avoid Vomit Inducing Foods- Fat tends to stay in the stomach for a longer
period of time and can contribute towards a bloating feeling. Rich, creamy
soups as well as fatty meats should be avoided at this time.
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