Toothache Natural Cures
A Toothache, also known as Odontalgia, is an aching pain in or surrounding
the tooth. Most commonly toothaches are caused by cavities, gum disease, the
emergence of wisdom teeth, infected dental pulp, a cracked tooth, jaw
disease, or an exposed tooth root.

Floss to Prevent Toothache- Flossing regularly is both healthy for the teeth
and gums. If you're not in the habit of flossing, it's a good idea to start. By
flossing, you will be removing surrounding meats and materials that may
potentially be irritating the surrounding gums. However, floss gently. If you're
new to flossing, your gums are very weak and likely to bleed.

Rinsing- Rinsing too will rid of many particles that may be causing irritation.
Use water that is about your body's temperature. Try rinsing vigorously.

Try Salt Water- Salt water is something you can try less frequently, but will add
more aid to the cause of relieving pain within the gums and teeth. Stir 1
teaspoon of salt into an 8 ounce glass of water that is about body temperature.
Swish the water around gently and spit the rest out.

Cure Toothache Pain- Apply some whiskey to the painful or irritated area. By
doing this, your gums will absorb the alcohol, quickly numbing most of the

Rest the Pain- If your aching pain is caused by damage to the tooth, it is very
important to rest this area of your mouth as much as possible while nature
heals it. If possible, limit the use of that tooth by not biting down in that
particular area.

Using Ice to Relieve Toothache Symptoms- Place an ice cube on the affected
area for about 10 minutes at a time. After the 10 minutes, allow a few minutes
for the iced area to recover from the cold before reapplying.

Ease Toothache Pain With Oil of Cloves- You can obtain this oil in bottles,
over-the-counter, from most drug stores. Simply drop a bit of oil directly onto
the affected tooth. Or, if preferred you can apply the oil by using a cotton ball.
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