Tendinitis Natural Cures
Tendinitis is defined  as the painful inflammation of a tendon. Unlike muscle  
soreness, Tendinitis is a painful soreness that commonly lasts for a very long
time. However, preventing and treating tendinitis is very manageable with a few
easy natural cures.

Rest to Relieve Symptoms- One of the most important ways to quickly heal
the affected area is to make sure you don't over-aggravate an already irritated
tendon. You need to refrain, temporarily, from the movements or motions that
are causing the affected tendon to bring pain. Only then will your tendon be
able to heal.

Switch Exercises- It's quite possible that your Tendinitis was triggered from
over-repeating a specific exercise that may have triggered your aggravated
tendon. If you think that may be the case, temporarily choose another exercise,
and do the exercise that triggered your Tendinitis less frequently in the future.

Stretch to Prevent Tendinitis- Commonly, Tendinitis forms in people that do
not stretch properly, if at all, before they begin their exercise routine. People
who are less flexible are more likely to form Tendinitis within.

Take Breaks- Tendinitis can easily form or worsen if you're repeating a motion
too much. If your job at work involves sitting at the computer all day, repeatedly
bashing away at the keyboard, Tendinitis will likely set in. If you start to feel
uncomfortable performing a specific motion, take a break.

Warm Baths- If your Tendinitis has occurred because of exercising, bathing in
warm water is a great way to raise your body temperature and increase blood
flow. Doing this before stressful activity will decrease the pain caused by

Elevate It- By resting and raising the affected tendon to above your heart,
swelling can be reduced and controlled.
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