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Tachycardia refers to the rapid beating of the heart. If the heart is pumping too
fast for an extended period of time it will change the balance of oxygen and
carbon dioxide in the hemoglobin in the blood. Despite being normal during
exercise, it can be dangerous when resting. In fact, extreme cases of
Tachycardia can be life threatening.

When the heart beats too rapidly, it may pump blood less efficiently as there is
less time for the myocardium to relax between contractions.

And as your heart beats faster, more oxygen and nutrients are required by the
body. This can cause patients to feel out of breath or cause angina.

Relax- Your speeding heart should be viewed as an alarm going off in your
body notifying you that something that you are doing may be of harm to your
body. You should stop whatever you're doing and relax.

Avoid Caffeine to Prevent Tachycardia- Stimulants can put you at risk for
tachycardia. Avoid the caffeine contained within cola, teas, chocolate, and diet

Exercise- Those that are out of tone tend to have much higher resting heart
rates. While a person fit may have a stable heart rate of 70 beats per minute,
one who is not fit may experience 80 beats per minute. Along with having a
generally healthier resting heart rate, exercise can make you resistant to
excess adrenaline rush.

Boost Magnesium Intake- One benefit of magnesium is its ability to create
rhythmic contraction and relaxation. Alongside, magnesium can also make the
heart much less likely to become irritable. Foods such as soybeans, bran, nuts,
and beans contain high amounts of magnesium

Boost Potassium Intake- Potassium is beneficial for its ability to slow down the
heart and the irritability of the muscle fibers. There are various sources of
potassium depletion including diets high in sodium and the overuse of
laxatives. These sources should be limited or avoided.

Sources of potassium increase include fruits and vegetables.

Replace The Sweets- Rather than filling up on sweets and cola throughout the
day, try to eat healthier meals that limit your sugar intake. The adrenaline
provided by sugary snacks can stimulate an increased heart rate very easily.
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