Stress Natural Cures
Everyone experiences some form of stress on a daily basis. Stress is
natural, and in some forms good for you. But too much stress can alter your
way of life. There is no magical stress cure, but many steps can be taken to
greatly diminish stress levels.

Remove Stressful Thoughts- If you've targeted what is causing your stress,
maybe a specific event in your life, think of something else. Continually
thinking of what is building up stress will only continue to build upon what it
has already created.

Think Positive to Reduce Stress- With all negativity, there is positivity.
Think about a time you were happy. Think about a time that makes you
smile. Having a more positive outlook can overpower those negative

Leave the Stressful Area- If it's a specific location that is building up
stress, or specific people, simply leave.

The Warm Bath Cure- Warm water has been shown to greatly reduce
stress and tension both in the body and the mind.
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