Sore Throat Natural Cures
Pharyngitis, also referred to as Sore Throat, is usually the painful
inflammation of the pharynx. Infection of the tonsils and/or larynx may occur

About 90% of cases are caused by viral infection, with the remainder being
caused mostly by bacterial infection.

In some cases, irritants such as pollutants or chemical substances can
causes Sore Throat.

Cure the Soreness With Lozenges- Zinc lozenges have had great success
both diminishing cold symptoms and decreasing the duration of a cold.
Make sure not to take too much zinc, though, as it may interfere with other
minerals in your body.

Gargle the Sore Throat Away- If the sore area of your throat is high enough
up, gargling fluids can soothe the area. Gargling Green Tea works especially
well, and contains anti-oxidants.

Try a Bedroom Humidifier- A sore throat may be caused by sleeping with
your mouth open. Breathing through your mouth while asleep may leave your
throat irritated. Consider purchasing a bedroom humidifier.

Increase Fluid Intake- Keeping your throat well hydrated will aid some of the
throat tissue. However, some fluids such as milk may produce mucus.
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