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Sinusitis is the inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, possibly a result of
infection from bacterial, viral, fungal, allergic, or autoimmune issues. Most
commonly, one is affected by only a minor case of Sinusitis, which is usually
triggered by a cold. The cold itself can inflame the sinuses. Both the cold and
its resulting Sinusitis usually go away within 2 weeks. An estimated 37 million
Americans are affected by Sinusitis every year.

Some symptoms of Sinusitis include:
-Earaches, neck pain, and headache
-Swelling of the eyelids and of tissues around the eyes
-Upper jaw and tooth ache
-Cheeks are tender upon touch
-Forehead pain
-Frequent feeling of fatigue
-Sore Throat

Steam Inhalation- Humidity helps keep the mucus flowing and the sinuses
drained. You can gain the benefits of steam by taking a hot shower a couple
times a day.

You can also fill a bowl up with steam hot water before breathing the steam in
through your nostrils. For added benefit, you can drape a towel over your head
in a tent-like manner. This will block the steam in, allowing the steam to rise
up to your nostrils in larger quantities.

Blow One Nostril at a Time- When the urge to blow your nose occurs, blowing
one nostril at a time will prevent pressure buildup in the ears. The pressure
buildup can potentially send bacteria further into your sinus, worsening the

The Humidification Cure- By using a humidifier in your bedroom while asleep,
you can prevent the nasal and sinus passages from drying out.

Drink Plenty of Water- When affected by Sinusitis, it is  important to increase
your fluid intake. This increase in daily fluid consumption will help thin out the
mucus, allowing it to flow.

Hot teas consisting of fenugreek, anise, sage, or fennel have also shown to
further thin out mucus.

Spicy Foods to Cure Sinusitis- Various spicy foods have been noted for their
ability to aid the Sinusitis sufferer.

-Garlic is commonly known for its ability to decrease the stickiness of mucus.
-Cajun is a spice that can work as a nasal decongestant.
-Horseradish is a root also known for its decongestant property.

Apply Heat to Relieve Sinusitis Pain- Applying moist heat to the tender
sinuses can help relieve its pain. Simply rinse a washcloth in warm water
before applying it to the eyes and cheekbones. Repeat as necessary.

Exercise to Reduce Sinusitis Swelling- Doing a light exercise will release
adrenaline which will constrict the blood vessels. This can potentially reduce
swelling within your sinuses.
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