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Herpes zoster, also known as Shingles, is a viral disease that includes a
painful skin rash with blisters in a specific area of the body. The earliest
symptoms of shingles include fever, headache, and malaise. Following these
symptoms, burning pain, itching, paresthesia, or hyperesthesia will likely occur.

Take Vitamins to Prevent Shingles- Increasing your vitamin C and vitamin
B-complex intake has shown to provide great aid in benefiting your immune
system and nerves. Vitamin C increases your immune power while vitamin
B-complex regenerates your nerve cells. Get in touch with your doctor to find
out what amount of these vitamins is best for you.

Apply a Cold Towel to Reduce Symptoms- For more severe eruptions, use a
washcloth or towel to soak in cold water and apply it to the affected area.

Heat Can Worsen Shingles Symptoms- Added heat to the already inflamed
area of your skin will only contribute negatively to your skin. Avoid heat pads,
hot areas, and hot showers.

The Starch Bath Cure- If you don't have shingles on your head, creating this
simple bath will help relieve pain.

Toss about a handful of cornstarch or colloidal oatmeal into the bath before
entering. Preferably, you can do this right before bedtime to help you cope with
the shingles throughout the night.

Cure Shingles Using Lysine- Studies show that the amino acid, lysine, helps
prevent the spreading of shingles. Taking lysine supplements may play great
aid in limiting your shingles.
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