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A scar is defined as an area of fibrous tissue that replaces your body's normal
skin after an injury. A scar is the result of the biological process of wound
repair of the skin. Scars are perfectly natural, despite its major inconvenience a
scar may have to you based on the scar's placement on your body. The good
news is, preventing scars is perfectly natural too, and is also beneficial to
nature's healing process of the wound itself.

Speed the Scar Healing- A wound that heals very slowly is much more likely to
develop a scar than a wound that heals rapidly. To increase the speed of the
healing process, make sure that the cut is properly cleaned; hydrogen
peroxide is great for this. Also, try to keep the wound slightly moist by using an
antibiotic ointment during the healing process.

Leave the Scab- If a scab is present, your body has not finished its natural
healing process. Physically removing the scab is highly unadvised, regardless
of the duration your scab has been present. Leave the scab, and let it fall off
naturally when it's ready.

The Butterfly Bandage Treatment- If you get a large cut, getting stitches is the
best option to ensure a scab does not form. However, if the cut is smaller,
obviously stitches are not necessary. However, there is a chance of scarring
present for every cut, and preventive methods should always be used to
ensure a scar doesn't appear. A butterfly bandage works great for smaller cuts,
ensuring that the cut closes properly, as well as aiding the healing process of
the cut. You can obtain these at your local health pharmacy.

Your Diet- The protein and vitamins you consume can greatly aid the healing
process. If you're not already eating a well-balanced diet daily, you should
consider re-evaluating it anyways. Also, the mineral, zinc, too is important for
the healing of the wound. Some natural sources for zinc are sunflower seeds,
Brazil nuts, cheeses, peanuts, and pumpkin. Include these into your diet and
your chance at a scar appearing will diminish.

Using Sunscreen On Scars- Scars have less pigment than the rest of your
skin. Thus, it's much harder for your scar to develop a protective tan, being
especially vulnerable to sunburn as well. On a sunny day, always be sure to
cover your scar with a good sunscreen before heading out to prevent
discoloration of the affected skin post-healing.

Be Careful When Bathing- Commonly, scabs are prematurely removed
because of people carelessly rubbing the scar with a washcloth, likely
removing the scab. Always wash the scar very gently, both before and during
the presence of the scab, to ensure that you don't intercept nature's healing
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