Restless Leg Natural Cures
Restless Leg Syndrome is best characterized by an unusual urge to move your
legs, usually occurring during times of relaxation or limited body movement. An
estimated 5 percent of the population is experiencing restless leg syndrome.

Cure By Walking- Sometimes getting out of bed to walk may banish the urge
to move your legs,  being a quick solution to the problem.

Consider a Multivitamin for Prevention- A lack of Iron and Folate in your daily
diet has association with restless leg syndrome, studies show. If you feel
you're short on these 2 nutrients, a multivitamin can close the gap.

Avoid Big Meals Late at Night- Eating big meals late may be causing your
restless leg syndrome. It may be causing excess activity within your body at
night because of the large scale of digestion your body is handling. Cutting
back on these late-night feasts will help you asleep and will cut back on your
body's activity, which may be worsening your restless leg syndrome.

Decrease your Stress To Relieve Symptoms- Stress only intensifies your
body's activity, urge for movement, and restless leg syndrome. Try to
wind-down at the end of the day. Check out the
Insomnia section.

Massage your Legs for Relief- Studies show that massaging your legs
before bed can really help battle restless leg syndrome.

Quit Smoking- Studies show a link between smokers and restless leg
syndrome. Consider quitting.

Prevent by Cutting Caffeine- Caffeine encourages body movement. Studies
show a link between caffeine and increased intensity of restless leg syndrome.
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