Raynaud's Syndrome
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Raynaud's Syndrome is characterized by a disruption of the blood vessels. It
most frequently occurs in the hand, causing parts of the hand to feel numb, or
to change in color, possibly blue or pale, because of the disruption of blood
flow. Emotional Stress and Cold body temperature are two common triggers.

The Iron Cure- A lack of iron can negatively alter your thyroid metabolism,
which regulates the heat of your body. Some iron-rich foods are poultry, lean
red meat, lentils, leafy green vegetables, and fish.

The Hat Cure-  Your head presents the greatest loss of body heat. Wearing a
hat will warm your hands and feet.

The Cotton-Blend Sock Prevention- Cotton-blend socks keep moisture away
from your feet and insulate them. Plain-cotton socks soak up your perspiration,
which may result in the chilling of your feet.

Quit Smoking to Relieve Symptoms- When you smoke it forms plaque in your
arteries and the nicotine causes vasospasms that narrow your blood vessels,
both ways of which cool your body's heat.

Eat a Hot, Healthy Meal- The very act of eating warms your body's temperature
up. Eating something warm will just aid that cause. Try eating a warm bowl of
oatmeal or soup before going out.

Drink Plenty of Fluids- Dehydration can trigger chills and frostbite by reducing
your blood volume. Try warm soup or herbal teas to help.

Avoid Alcohol- Although alcohol gives you the immediate illusion of warmth by
increasing the blood flow to the skin, its long term effects actually leave you
colder. It temporarily warms up your hands and feet, but that heat is soon
absorbed by the air, only lowering your body's core temperature.

Cut Caffeine- Caffeinated products such as coffee constrict your blood
vessels. With Raynaud's Syndrome, you don't want to add fuel to the fire by
further interfering with your circulation
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