Psoriasis Natural Cures
Psoriasis is a disease affecting both the joints and the skin, in which it
commonly causes red scaly patches to appear atop the skin. These patches
caused by Psoriasis are of inflammation and excessive skin production.
Patches most frequently occur on the elbows and on the knees.

Cure Psoriasis using Sun- The sun's ultraviolet waves help fight psoriasis.
However, these waves also contribute towards skin cancer and burning. The
sun, along with its benefits against psoriasis, also have caused people to
break out in previously unaffected areas of their skin. Use a sunscreen on the
areas of your skin that aren't touched by psoriasis to ensure that the sun
doesn't aid in the spreading of your psoriasis, and to ensure that you stay
skin-cancer free.

Lose Weight to Prevent Psoriasis- Although weight isn't proven to be directly
linked to psoriasis, being overweight has shown based on studies to worsen
psoriasis. Also, there tends to be less cases of psoriasis for those with an
average weight.

The Stress Connection- Studies have shown a link between stress and
psoriasis. Those undergoing intense emotional troubling have noticed an
increase in psoriasis outbreak. Check out the
Stress section.

The Cold Cure- Try taking a cold water bath with about a cup of apple cider
vinegar added. This has been shown to decrease itching caused by psoriasis.

Also, simply applying an ice pack to the afflicted areas of skin has also proven
to have similar benefits.

Cure Psoriasis Using Avocado Oil- This oil has had success in treating
Psoriasis. Gently apply it to an affected area.
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