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A phobia is a consistent, irrational fear of certain situations, objects, events, or
people. Phobias can naturally diminish because of factors such as age or
environment. Phobias are most quickly diminished by confronting the fear

Prevent Phobias by Avoiding Caffeine- Caffeine may cause some phobias
to intensify and reoccur more frequently. Eliminate caffeine products such as
certain soft drinks, certain teas, coffees, and chocolate from your diet.

Cure Fears by Exercising- Exercising during a panic attack has shown to
help ease the fearful adrenaline in your body. Trying to maintain still during a
panic attack is a mistake.

Think Positive to Relieve Fear- Remind yourself to think positive thoughts if
you feel fearful. Focusing on the negative thoughts only worsens the
fear/phobia. Thinking of positive thoughts can ease the focus of negativity and
thus decrease your tension.
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