Phlebitis Natural Cures
Phlebitis is the inflammation of a vein, most commonly within the leg. When
Phlebitis is associated with the formation of blood clots, most commonly in the
deep veins of the legs, the condition is referred to as thrombophlebitis. Some
symptoms of Phlebitis are pain or burning along a vein, your vein feeling hard,
and swelling.

Cure Phlebitis through Warmth- Try elevating your leg about 6 inches to a foot
above your heart. Also, apply to the vein something warm and moist such as a
towel soaked in warm water. Doing this, the healing of the surface of your
Phlebitis will speed up.

Possibly Buerger's Disease- If you have recurring cases of phlebitis and you
and your doctor just can't pinpoint the reasoning behind it, you may have a form
of Buerger's disease that just hasn't moved to the arteries yet. Buerger's
disease is characterized by blood clots and severe pain, both of which are
most commonly affecting the legs. Buerger's disease is directly linked to
smoking, so the best cure to this is to cut off your link to all forms of tobacco.

Prevent Phlebitis by Exercising Daily- Exercise is especially important if you
have Phlebitis. By exercising, you are keeping the veins empty. By clearing out
your veins, you can help prevent a recurrence of phlebitis.

Prevent Phlebitis using Support Stockings- There are physicians that
suggest that wearing support stockings can help prevent phlebitis recurrence.
However, this is debated by other physicians. But, regardless of the debate,
wearing support stockings have been used to relieve pain in Phlebitis-victims.
So try them out. If you feel improvement, great. If not, discontinue its use; don't
feel obligated to wear them to prevent Phlebitis recurrence. If they're
uncomfortable, remove them.

Elevate at Night to Relieve Symptoms- Try placing a pillow underneath your
lower legs prior to going asleep. Doing this will increase the blood flow to your
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