Perfect Posture
Human Posture is a form of body language that, like all other body language,
conveys to others your personality, emotions, and health. While somebody
insecure or depressed may move slowly with a more slouched posture,
somebody confident and happy or excited will move swiftly with their head up,
shoulders back, and back straight. From this we can understand how beneficial
having a perfect posture can be, especially in a social environment.

Alongside the benefit of a perfect posture portraying you in a positive way, it also
prevents various health problems. One result of somebody consistently having
poor posture is the tendency to suffer from backache. Other, more severe
results of poor posture include chronic fatigue, headaches, and body

The key to having a perfect posture is within your muscles. Healthy back
muscles support the spine from the rear while stomach muscles help to
support the spine from the front.  

Practice Posture in the Mirror- In order to achieve the posture you desire it is
necessary to understand what factors and components of your body are
necessary to get you there.

Stand in front of a full-length mirror with both feet firmly planted and your weight
distributed evenly on each foot. Keep your shoulders back and your chest out.
Tilt your lower pelvis slightly back so that your buttocks tucks under.

Try to use this posture stance frequently when standing.

Avoid Excess Tension- Standing for extended periods of time can actually
worsen your posture because of the high levels of tension and stress being put
onto your back. An easy way to reduce tension when standing for prolonged
periods of time is to put one leg up onto something, such as a box, for support.

Improve Posture Through Sitting- The height of your chair should be such that
when seated your thighs are parallel to the floor and your knees are about level
with your hips. A bad sitting position can worsen your posture by causing your
body to pull forward, causing your back to slump and thus unevenly distributing
muscle tension.

Use a Pillow for Posture- Another way to promote perfect posture is through
the aid of a pillow or cushion when seated. Simply place the cushion behind
your lower back. Doing this will help strengthen the natural arch in your back

Perfect Posture While Driving- Because a great deal of time is spent in the car
for the average individual, it is important not to forget to apply posture practices
while driving. Pull the seat of your car forward towards the pedals until your
knees are bent and slightly higher than your hips and your thighs are parallel to
the floor.

Drivers have a tendency to lean forward and hunch over the steering wheel
which unevenly distributes tension and can contribute towards the worsening of
your posture. So like sitting in any chair, you should use a pillow or cushion
positioned behind your lower back to ensure you maintain an upright posture.

Uncross Your Legs- Crossing your legs is another bad habit that can worsen
your posture by unevenly distributing muscle tension. Instead, keep both feet
firmly planted on the ground to maintain the perfect posture stance.

Improve Posture Through Good Sleep- A bad sleeping posture can have
negative effects on your day posture as well. Sleeping in the wrong position can
cause backache, throwing off natural alignment and thus worsening your
posture. Sleeping on your stomach is the most damaging position to your
posture because it promotes an unnatural curve in your back.

Rather, sleeping on your side with your knees bent will maintain the proper
alignment of your neck and back. When in this sleeping posture, you should
have a pillow big enough to keep your head level with your shoulders.

Another sleeping position that promotes a perfect posture is when sleeping on
your back. When sleeping in this position you should have a smaller pillow
under your head to ensure proper alignment.

Use a Firm Mattress- A mattress that isn't firm enough may allow you to sink
into it too much when lying down, promoting a worse posture.

Exercise to Improve Posture- A very important factor in maintaining a healthy,
firm posture is frequent exercise. Walking, running, bicycling, swimming, and
aerobics are great activities for keeping your muscles toned and your posture
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