Osteoporosis Natural Cures
Osteoporosis causes bones to lose calcium and other minerals over an
extended period of time. This doesn't mean your bones are diseased or
abnormal, it just means your bones don't hold the same density as when
you were younger. These weak bones are much more fragile and easily
broken, especially in the wrist, hip, and spine.

Cure Osteoporosis with Calcium- The bones do naturally release and
replace calcium depending on your body's needs, but as you age this
process becomes less and less effective, and osteoporosis may set in.
Enrich your diet with calcium by consuming enough dairy products and
dark-green vegetables such as broccoli.

Smoking Causes Osteoporosis- Smoking lowers a women's estrogen
levels which reduces the amount of calcium absorbed, contributing to
weaker bones.

Avoid Too Much Alcohol- More than two drinks a day is considered to be a
large amount of alcohol. Alcohol diminishes your bones' growth and
functioning ability as well as reducing your calcium absorption.
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