Neck Pain Natural Cures
Neck pain is a very common problem, with about 2 thirds of the population
suffering from it at some point in their lives. Neck pain is growing in intensity
for the average individual, as the average person's life becomes more hectic
and fast-paced. Though Neck Pain is only felt in the neck, it can originate from
a variety of spinal issues. Neck pain may occur because of muscular tightness
in both the neck and upper back. The good news is, neck pain relief is easy.

Use Ice to Reduce Neck Swelling- When neck stiffness is just starting to
occur, an ice pack may be your best option. Especially when injured, an ice
pack will fight the swelling.

Use Heat to Soothe Neck Pain- After the inflammation has been reduced,
heat can work great in soothing your neck. Obtaining a heat pad or soaking a
towel in warm water both work. Or you can just take a hot shower.

Prevent Neck Pain with a Firm Chair- Sit upright in a firm chair. Your
backbone is connected to your neck bone; a chair that doesn't properly support
your back will only worsen current neck conditions and potentially create new

Use a Towel for Support- Roll up a towel and place it behind your lower back
when seated. This will give you additional back support.

Keep It at Eye Level- Especially if you spend many hours daily on the
computer, it is important to keep your chin up and if possible, screen raised to
eye level. Extended periods of time spent in awkward neck positions only
result in neck spasms. This applies to all things; try to keep things at eye level.

Use a Firm Mattress to Prevent Neck Pain- Having a firm, comfortable
mattress is essential to the health and well-being of many of your muscles,
including your neck muscles. Many neck problems begin or worsen because
of uncomfortable sleep positioning or an uncomfortable mattress.

Maybe Lose your Pillow- If you feel uncomfortable with your pillow, or maybe
it's putting your body into an awkward position, that's fine, toss it aside. Many
people prefer to sleep flat, and it's perfectly normal. Don't force yourself to try to
feel comfortable with a pillow, try a night without it.

Avoid Sleeping on your Stomach- Sleeping on your stomach is both bad for
your back and neck, try another position. The fetal position, on your side with
your knees in towards your chest, is favored by many.

Cover your Neck While Outside- If it's cold outside, it's a good decision to
cover your neck and keep it warm. The weather can potentially aggravate neck
stiffness or pain.

Cure Neck Pain with Relaxation- Stress is linked to the tightening of the
muscles in your neck, causing pain. If you're under a lot of pressure or stress
consistently, you may want to confront it. Check out the
Stress section.
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