Nausea Natural Cures
Nausea is the feeling of unease and discomfort in the stomach, often
accompanied by the urge to vomit. Nausea and vomiting are not a disease, but
rather a result of many conditions including motion sickness or seasickness,
emotional stress, early stages of pregnancy, gallbladder disease, infections
such as the stomach flu, overeating, and food poisoning. There are at least 25
different disease that can trigger chronic nausea. If the nausea isn't away in a
day or two, a doctor should be visited.

The Ginger Root Cure- Ginger root is known for its natural ability of fighting
Nausea. You should take ginger root in capsules because fresh ginger is too
strong for most people and requires consumption in larger amounts to meet
the effectiveness of a capsule. You should take one or two ginger root
capsules, depending on the severity of the nausea.

Avoid Nausea Inducing Foods- Fatty foods can be of major disadvantage
while affected by Nausea. Rather, you should eat light carbohydrates such as
toast or crackers, in very limited amounts. When your stomach begins to heal,
you can slowly transition to light protein foods such as fish.

The Warm Tea Cure- Lukewarm tea or juice will be more tolerated by your
stomach than a cold can of soda. Also, you should drink very slowly to avoid
any stomach irritation while it is sensitive.

Cure Nausea with Cumin Seeds- For many, cumin seeds have proven helpful
in fighting Nausea. Try about one half of a teaspoon of grounded cumin seed.

The Wheat Germ and Milk Cure- Try mixing a few teaspoons of wheat germ in
a glass of milk before drinking. You can repeat this process every hour or two
for continued relief. Remember to sip slowly.
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