Muscle Pain Natural Cures
Muscle Pain, also known as Myalgia, is commonly a symptom of many
diseases and disorders. However, the most common cause of Muscle Pain is
the overuse or over-stretching of a muscle or group of muscles. Muscle Pain is
also triggered by Injury or

Use Ice to Reduce Swelling- Ice is a common one but worth mentioning. Ice
works as a major defense against swelling and is most valuable immediately
after the injury. Try applying the ice to the affected areas in cycles of 15
minutes. Meaning that you should give the affected area 15 minutes of rest
after 15 minutes of ice.

Rest the Painful Muscles- Resting is another obvious yet very important part
of the healing of your muscle. The duration in which you should keep pressure
away from your muscle depends on the intensity of the problem. A cramp may
only need a few minutes of rest, while a severe strain may require weeks.

Wrapping the Muscle- By wrapping the sore muscle in an Ace bandage, you
can reduce the swelling. However, pay close attention to the tightness of the
wrapped bandage. Too tight of a wrap will only further damage the sore
muscle and its surrounding area.

Massage the Muscle- After swelling has been reduced, it can be very
beneficial to apply a light and gentle massage to the affected muscles. You
may also consider applying heat, or a warm washcloth to the muscle now that
the swelling has been reduced.

Wind Down Exercise to Prevent Muscle Pain- Rather than stopping your
exercise suddenly, it is important to wind down from your exercise. When
you've gone through a great physical workout, the bloodstream contains high
amounts of lactic acid, which forms in the bloodstream when oxygen is less
plentiful. When this acid reaches a high level, the normal chemical reactions of
your muscles are disrupted and can soon cause Muscle Pain.

So by slowly descending the intensity of your exercise until your exercise
session is complete, you can lessen the pain caused by your muscles after
your exercise.

Drink More Fluids- Dehydration can both help cause and worsen muscle
pain. Especially when your body goes through great physical activity, your
body's need for fluids increases greatly. A lack of water before, during, or after
your physical exercise can easily cause cramping and soreness to start.

Make Sure Your Shoes Fit Right- Shoes that don't properly fit your feet or don't
give your feet the needed support can cause all types of problems including
foot, leg, and even back pain. Your entire body may be suffering because your
shoes may not be supportive enough of the physical activity you're performing.

Cure Muscle Pain by Losing Weight- If you are consistently suffering from
sore muscles or muscle strains, your excess weight isn't contributing
positively, and may actually be causing some of the muscle pain. If you're
overweight, consider changing your diet or exercise to help reduce your weight.
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