Motion Sickness
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Motion Sickness, also referred to as kinetosis, is a condition in which there is a
disagreement between what is visually perceived movement and the vestibular
system's sense of movement. It is also commonly known as seasickness,
carsickness, simulation sickness, airsickness, and space sickness.

Most common symptoms of Motion Sickness include dizziness, nausea, and
fatigue. Unlike in ordinary sicknesses, the act of vomiting often does not bring
relief to one suffering from Motion Sickness. About 33% of people are
susceptible to motion sickness.

The Ginger Root Cure- Ginger root is an old folk remedy that has earned its
popularity of fighting motion sickness because of its ability to absorb acids and
block nausea in your gastrointestinal tract.

Using Soda Crackers to Fight Motion Sickness- Dry soda crackers can help
absorb excess fluid in your stomach, preventing nausea and vomiting.

Use Olives to Prevent Nausea- An olive can prevent nausea and vomiting
because of its production of chemicals called tannins, which halt salivation and
dry your mouth. By decreasing the rate at which you salivate, you prevent excess
saliva from dripping into your body and potentially causing nausea.

Quit Smoking- Despite many people believing that smoking can deter motion
sickness because of its ability to calm you, it actually contributes towards
nausea and can further worsen motion sickness. As well as avoiding the
cigarettes, you should avoid any second-hand smoke.

Prevent Motion Sickness through Night Travel- Traveling at night can
diminish your chances of becoming victim to motion sickness. This is because
at night your body is less aware of motion.

Limit your Alcohol Intake- Alcohol can both trigger and intensify motion
sickness because of its ability to interfere with the way the brain analyzes

Get Fresh Air- A lack of fresh air will only contribute further towards nausea and
motion sickness. On a boat, stand out on the deck, and on an airplane, use the
overhead vent.

Avoid Fatigue- Fatigue can contribute towards motion sickness. Make sure to
get plenty of sleep both before and during your trip. You may also be able to
evade Motion Sickness by sleeping during the trip.

Avoid Reading- Reading while in a car ride, boat trip, or plane ride will only
increase your chance of becoming motion sick.

The Lemon Cure- Like olives, sucking on a lemon can work well in preventing
excess salivation, thus preventing nausea.
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