Laryngitis Natural Cures
Laryngitis is the inflammation of your larynx. It causes a hoarse or complete
loss of voice because of the irritation of the vocal cords. Some symptoms of
Laryngitis are sore throat, coughing, difficulty swallowing and fever.

Rest your Voice- The most important thing to remember to do if you have
Laryngitis is to let your vocal cords rest. Using them with Laryngitis will only
damage them further. Whispering too is as bad.  Your vocal cords bang
together as strongly whispering as shouting.

Avoid Aspirin- Aspirin increases clotting time, which will negatively impact
your body's natural healing process.

Cure Laryngitis using Steam- The mucosa that coats your vocal cords should
be kept moist. Positioning your head over a steaming bowl of water for a few
minutes a day can help keep it moist, aiding the healing process.

The Slippery Elm Cure- Slippery elm bark tea can work as a lubricant for your
throat. Although it won't directly interact with your vocal cords, it will help the
mucous glands in the larynx smoothen the coating of the cords.

Drink Plenty of Fluids- It is important to drink plenty, preferably 8-10 glasses of
water daily. But it is especially important to meet this standard when you have
Laryngitis.  Juices and teas with honey are ideal selections.

Quit Smoking to Relieve Laryngitis- Smoking causes throat dryness.
Smoking may or may not be the cause of your laryngitis, but it only adds fuel to
the fire.

Breathe through your Nose- Your nose works as a natural humidifier. Those
who breathe through their mouth while asleep tend to frequently have hoarse,
sore, or dry throat. Breathing through your nose will both aid the recovery of
your Laryngitis and prevent it in the future.
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