Jet Lag Natural Cures
Jet lag is the unnatural, quick jump between time zones when traveling that
confuses the body and doesn't allow the body to naturally adjust to the new
timezone. Fatigue, inability to sleep, and irritability may result.

Prevent Jet Lag with Enough Sleep- Lack of sleep prior to the trip only
worsens jet lag conditions. Get plenty of sleep both before and during the trip.

Drink Enough Fluids- Airplanes are very dry. Make sure to drink plenty of
fluids both during and after the flight. Dehydration worsens jet lag.

Ditch the Alcohol- Alcohol is actually a diuretic and can dehydrate you further.

Maintain a Relaxed State- Try to maintain a relaxed state during the flight.
Ease your body into the new time zone and keep your body in this state. Too
much energy right before bedtime will just offset you even more.

The Sunshine Cure- Expose yourself to the sun of the new time zone. This
will help your brain adjust to the new time zone and ease your body into an
awoken state when the sun is out, and a sleep state when it sets. Lack of
sunlight will maintain an offset sleep schedule.
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