Insomnia Natural Cures
Insomnia can mean a variety of things. It can mean difficulty falling asleep,
which is the most common symptom, frequently being awoken throughout
the night, and trouble falling back asleep afterwards. It can also cause you
to wake up too early in the morning. Regardless of the symptom, you will be
spending much more time trying to fall asleep, and much less time actually
asleep, resulting in a lack of sleep.

Over excitement and anxiety are two of the most primary contributing factors
of insomnia.

The Milk Cure- A glass of warm milk should be taken before going to sleep.
Adding about a teaspoon of honey to the milk will also add benefit to its
cause. Massaging the bottom of your feet with warm milk has also proven to
put an individual into a sleep state.

Wind Down to Prevent Insomnia- One of the biggest mistakes people
make is that they have been running throughout the day at a fast pace,
working, traveling, interacting, and when their bedtime arrives, they jump
into bed. The problem is, they usually end up lying in bed for hours
attempting to fall asleep because their body, and more-so mind, has not yet
allowed the individual to enter a sleep state.

Doing this, the individual's mind will be streaming thoughts at a very fast
pace, disallowing the individual's mind to relax.

-Don't exercise within 3 hours of bedtime. Exercising prevents your body
from releasing natural melatonin, which slowly puts your body into a sleep
state after the sun sets.

-Don't get into arguments prior to bed time. It will be much harder for you to
fall asleep right after a political debate. Your mind will be too active.

-Exciting Movies/Video Games have also shown to put one's mind into an
awoken state. Avoid exciting electronics, and rather listen to some soft
music before bedtime.

Avoid Evening Alcohol- Although alcohol depresses the central nervous
system, it disrupts sleep. When its effects wear off in the middle of the night
your body may be woken up. Avoid drinking alcohol at dinner or afterwards.

Create a Comfortable Atmosphere- Stress very frequently causes
insomnia, and many times the room in which you sleep can cause you
stress. Try to fill your room with comfortable colors and make sure to have a
comfortable bed. It's also very important to make sure the bedroom
temperature is just right. Keeping your clock out of sight is beneficial in
falling asleep in that it prevents you from wanting to consistently see what
time it is while attempting to fall asleep.

A Warm Bath to Cure Insomnia- Your body's temperature naturally falls at
night and rises throughout the day. By taking a warm bath a few hours
before bedtime, your body's temperature rises. And as that warmth wears
off as you near your bedtime, you will begin to feel more and more drowsy.

Avoid Caffeine- Many soft drinks, coffee, and chocolate contain high
amounts of caffeine that can delay you falling asleep and decrease the
effectiveness of your sleep. Resist consuming any caffeine past 4:00 P.M.

Cure Insomnia with Lavender Oil- The sniffing of this natural oil many
times cures Insomnia and promotes relaxation.
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