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Incontinence is defined as the lack of voluntary control of excretory functions. It
may refer to several medical conditions including the Incontinence of Urine and
the Incontinence of Feces. Incontinence is most common in older women but
also occurs frequently in teenage girls. Incontinence alone usually refers to the
involuntary leakage of urine.

There are two main conditions of Incontinence. The first is when leakage
occurs from stress, upon actions of laughing, sneezing, or coughing. The
second condition is when you have a sudden urge to go to the bathroom,
usually resulting in having an accident.

Evaluate Your Diet- Many times a certain beverage, food, or medication is
directly causing the individual to experience incontinence. Try to keep track, or
even write down, everything you consume and the rate and times of your
bathroom breaks. Try to find the link between the two.

Avoid Alcohol- Alcohol is a stimulus of need to go to the restroom.

Avoid Caffeine- Caffeine is another diuretic that will increase the need and
frequency of bathroom visits.

Cure Incontinence through Reduced Fluid Intake- If you're exceeding the daily
recommended consumption of water, which is 8-10 glasses, you may want to
consider limiting your fluid intake. A reduction in the fluids you consume may
ease your incontinence problem. However, make sure to still drink plenty of
liquids to stay well hydrated. The key is to try to reduce the amount of excess
fluids you consume daily.

Avoid Grapefruit Juice- Grapefruit juice is another diuretic that certainly won't
help an incontinence victim.

Battle Constipation Alongside Incontinence- Constipation can contribute to
incontinence. Make sure to have a fiber-rich diet and check out the

Go When Necessary- You should not delay bathroom breaks because they
may be inconvenient at the time. When the natural urge comes, you should
honor it. Failure to do so can result in an over-stretched bladder as well as

Quit Smoking to Reduce Symptoms- Nicotine irritates the bladder surface.

Cure Incontinence through Losing Excess Weight- Studies have shown a link
between a reduction in ones excess weight and a reduction in incontinence.
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