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Arterial Hypertension, commonly referred to as High Blood Pressure, is a
medical condition in which the blood pressure is chronically elevated. Over 30
million Americans are affected by High Blood Pressure, making it the third
most prevalent chronic condition in the nation, trailing behind sinusitis and
arthritis. The degree of Hypertension in an individual has commonly shown to
accurately predict the likeliness for the individual to become affected by
cardiovascular disease after age 65.

Limit Your Weight to Cure Hypertension- Though many hypertensives are not
fat, those that are obese tend to have 3 times as much hypertension as people
with normal weight. If you're overweight, just a relatively small decrease in your
weight can show a measurable fall in your blood pressure.

The Salt Connection- A large number of those affected by Hypertension are
also affected by sodium-sensitivity. Though being a victim of high blood
pressure doesn't necessarily mean you're sodium-sensitive, you should see if
there's a link between the two by reducing your daily sodium consumption to
about 5 grams. If your blood pressure drops, you've just discovered the
connection between your salt intake and your Hypertension.

The Calcium Cure- Based on studies, High Blood Pressure sufferers who are
also salt-sensitive tend to especially benefit from increased levels of calcium.
However, all Hypertension sufferers should at least attempt to find the
connection between increased calcium intake and reduced blood pressure.

The Potassium Cure- An increase in potassium intake too has shown to be
valuable in controlling blood pressure. It's been commonly recommended that
a high blood pressure sufferer receives three times as much potassium as
sodium. Potassium is plentiful in many natural foods, including fresh fruit, fish,
and potatoes.

Ditch Stress to Ditch Hypertension- Throughout multiple studies, increased
anxiety levels have contributed towards higher blood pressure. In turn, reduced
anxiety levels, accompanied by increased levels of happiness, have shown to
greatly reduce blood pressure levels. Consistent anxiety may very well play a
major role in your excess blood pressure. Check out the
Stress section for
more information.
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