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Urticaria, also referred to as Hives, is a skin condition characterized by raised
red skin wheals, or welts, commonly a result of allergic reaction. Welts can
appear anywhere on the body including the face, lips, tongue, throat and ears.
These welts typically itch intensely, sting, and burn. Along with Hives appearing
because of allergen contact, they may also appear because of emotional

Hives can be potentially fatal because of their ability to block breathing
passages. If you get hives in the mouth or throat, you should contact an
emergency service immediately.


Cure Hives by using Cold Compressions- Applying something cold, such as
an ice pack, to the affected areas can shrink the blood vessels, keeping them
from opening, swelling, and allowing too much histamine from being released.
You can also simply rub an ice cube over the hives.

The Calamine Lotion Cure- As well as calamine lotion being very beneficial for
Poison Ivy rash, it has also been shown to soothe and relieve itching brought
on by hives.

The Milk of Magnesia Cure- This alkaline can too be applied to your hives to
relieve itching.

The Red Alder Cure- The leaves and bark of the red alder can be used to
create a strong tea. The application of this tea to the affected areas can greatly
relieve hive suffering.

Wipe Out Hives with Antihistamines- Despite the potential side effect of
drowsiness upon use of an antihistamine, this over-the-counter drug could be
the strongest and most effective aid against hives and its itching.
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