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Hypercholesterolemia, also referred to as High Blood Cholesterol, is defined
as the presence of high levels of cholesterol in the blood. It is not a disease but
rather a metabolic derangement that can be secondary to many diseases as
well as contributing towards many forms of diseases, especially cardiovascular
disease. High Cholesterol is also commonly referred to as Hyperlipidemia,
which is the elevated levels of lipids,and Hyperlipoproteinemia, which is the
elevated levels of lipoproteins.

Reduce Cholesterol with Nutritional Supplements- There are various vitamins
and minerals that have been recognized for their potential ability of countering

-Vitamin C is found in great quantities in citrus fruits, potatoes, strawberries,
tomatoes, and spinach.

-Vitamin E has been shown to greatly increase HDL levels (High-density
Lipoproteins) which in turn will greatly reduce your cholesterol level.

-Calcium is another great supplement that you can take for the benefit of both
your bones and your heart.

-Niacin, when daily intake is increased gradually, can be very beneficial in the
lowering of your cholesterol. It's important to note that your Niacin daily
consumption should not increase suddenly and rapidly, as this may cause
severe flushing, intestinal disorders, and abnormal liver function.

Limit Your Weight to Limit Cholesterol- Body weight is a primary factor in your
cholesterol levels. When losing weight to reach your healthy body weight, do so
gradually to avoid any problems. This gradual decrease in your weight will
alongside decrease your cholesterol  levels.

Limit your Fat Intake- Saturated fat especially, is a huge factor in high blood
cholesterol. You can reduce your saturated fat intake by limiting your meat,
cheese, butter, and hydrogenated oil intake and rather becoming habit of eating
fish, poultry, low-fat dairy products, and polyunsaturated oils.

The Olive Oil Cure- Olive oil is high in monounsaturated fat, which has shown
to reduce cholesterol. Rather than consuming high quantities of butter, a
simple transition to olive oil has shown to have great potential.

Reduce Cholesterol by Eating More Fruit- The pectin contained within fruit
makes it a very valuable source of cholesterol reduction. Try to mix a variety of
fruits into your daily diet.

The Lemongrass Oil Cure- Studies have shown that lemongrass oil can
reduce high cholesterol by large amounts because of its enzyme reaction

The Rice Bran Cure- Rice bran is another natural remedy that has shown to
have the potential to drastically lower blood cholesterol levels.

Limit your Egg Intake- Though eggs are very healthy in various aspects, you
should limit your consumption of them. Eggs contain about 275 milligrams of
cholesterol apiece.

The Cure Effect of Beans- Beans contain a water-soluble fiber known as
pectin, which surrounds cholesterol and guides it out of your body.

Quit Smoking- Smoking can cause a direct increase in your blood cholesterol

Relax- The simple act of relaxing can lower cholesterol.

Cut Caffeine to Cut Cholesterol- Studies show that coffee consumption is
linked with increased cholesterol. Those who drink two or more cups of coffee
daily have shown to have much greater cholesterol levels than those who do

Using Skim Milk to Fight Cholesterol- Another simple alternative that you can
start using that will over time reduce your high cholesterol.

The Natural Benefits of Vegetables- Vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli,
onions, and carrots have great aid in lowering high cholesterol because of their
calcium pectate content.
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