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Hemorrhoids, also referred to as haemorrhoids, emerods, or piles, are
varicosities or swelling and inflammation of the veins in the rectum and anus.
Commonly, hemorrhoids are caused by increased straining during bowel
movements usually a result of constipation or diarrhea. Obesity is also a
common factor because of the resulting increase of rectal vein pressure.
Hemorrhoids are usually not dangerous or life threating. Often, hemorrhoid
symptoms will ease within a few days.

Prevent Hemorrhoids with Soft Defecation- Many times one who is
constipated consistently also suffers from hemorrhoids. This is because the
increased pressure needed to defecate causes increased levels of strain and
swelling of the veins in your rectum. Although hemorrhoids can be treated, the
best way to prevent further hemorrhoid trouble is to avoid constipation. Drinking
plenty of fluids (8-10 glasses daily on average) as well as consuming enough
fiber daily can greatly reduce constipation intensity and frequency. Check out the
Constipation section for more information.

The Rectal Lubrication Cure- Another way to reduce strain levels of both your
rectum and anus is to dab a bit of petroleum jelly on the anus and about a half
of an inch into the rectum. You can apply the jelly using a cotton swab. Doing
this will smoothen the defecation process.

Use a Softer Toilet Paper to Prevent Hemorrhoids- Rough toilet paper can
both trigger and further damage the affected area. There are various soft
alternatives including facial tissues that are coated with moisturizing cream. A
gentler wipe is very important to prevent further irritation. If you cannot find or
obtain such tissue, you should seek to use toilet paper that does not contain
chemical irritants, is unperfumed, and uncolored. You should also dampen the
toilet paper under a faucet before wiping with it.

Clean Gently- It is also very important to clean the anus and its area regularly by
gentle means. You should avoid scrubbing the affected area with a rough rag.

Avoid Scratching the Hemorrhoids- Giving into the temptation to scratch
because of the reoccurring itch can potentially damage the walls of the veins,
only increasing the severity of the hemorrhoids.

Limit Your Weight- Being overweight also commonly brings with it increased
pressure on the lower extremities of your body. Those that are overweight are
more likely to fall victim to hemorrhoids.

Avoid Strenuous Lifting- Like straining caused by constipation, heavy lifting can
also stress the hemorrhoid areas in a similar manner.

Limit Salt Intake- Excess salt can retain the fluids within your circulatory
system, causing bulging of the veins in the anus.

The Witch Hazel Cure- Anything cold, including water, can help relieve
hemorrhoid pain. You can further counter hemorrhoids by firstly placing a bottle
of Witch Hazel into a bucket of ice. Next, when the Witch Hazel is colder, you can
soak a cotton ball in the Witch Hazel before applying it to the hemorrhoids. The
cold Witch Hazel is extremely helpful in reducing external hemorrhoid pain and
easing tensions.
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