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A headache is a condition of pain in the head. The headache ranks as one of
the most common complained about conditions. The majority of headaches
are caused by  tension, migraine, eye strain, dehydration,low blood sugar, and
sinusitis. Some headaches however are induced by much rarer causes such
as meningitis, encephalitis, cerebral aneurysms, brain tumors, and extremely
high blood pressure.

Fluctuating estrogen during menstrual years is a common cause of headache
among women. These headaches can occur prior to or during midcycle

Using Apples to Cure Headaches- Apples have had success in helping cure
all types of headaches. One apple each morning, with a bit of salt sprinkled
atop, has had great success.

The Cinnamon Cure- Cinnamon is helpful against headaches caused by
exposure to cold air. A mixture should be created by adding a thick amount of
cinnamon to warm water. Soak a rag in this solution and apply to the forehead
and temples.

Use Warm Water to Relieve Headache- One way to relieve a headache is a
warm bath, especially before bed. The warm water is known to relieve
symptoms and to also tire the individual into a sleep state. Another way to
achieve these headache relieving benefits is to fill a bucket with warm water
before placing your feet inside for about 15 minutes.

Don't Overdo Aspirin- Despite aspirin being great against the occasional
intense headache, it should not be depended on and taken at signs of every
headache. Doing so may only induce more headache pain.

Exercise to Prevent Headache- Exercising daily is a great preventive
measure against headache because of its ability to relieve stress and thus
reduce headache frequency and intensity.

Sleep in a Healthy Position- Sleeping on the stomach or in an awkward
position may cause the muscles in your neck to contract, causing a headache.
Healthy sleep positions include on your back and on your side.

A Headband Can Reduce Headache Tension- The use of a headband can
cure a headache because of its ability to decrease blood flow to the scalp,
thus lessening the intensity of the headache.

Avoid Headache Inducers- Strong perfumes and colognes can induce

Wear Sunglasses- Bright lights, including television lights and fluorescent
lightings, can lead to eyestrain and headache. Alongside wearing sunglasses
while outdoors, you should limit your exposure to bright lights indoors.

Avoid Gum to Avoid Headache- The excess repetitiveness of the chewing
motion can tighten muscles and induce a tension headache.

Limit Chocolate and Caffeine Intake- Chocolate contains tyramine, which is
known to cause headaches. The caffeine within chocolate, as well as within
many soft drinks, teas, and coffees, is also known to cause headaches and

Avoid the Cold Shock- Many times a headache or migraine will be triggered
upon eating an ice cream cone. This is because the individual may have eaten
it too quickly, not allowing the palate to cool gradually.

MSG Causes Headaches- Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a food additive
used frequently and in high doses in Chinese food and can be found in many
other household food products as well. It is linked to various health concerns,
one of which is the headache. Search your kitchen for products containing this
ingredient and replace the offending product with healthier alternatives.

Another source of high MSG content is fast food restaurants.

Nitrates Cause Headaches- Hot dogs and cured meats contain nitrates,
which dilate blood vessels and induce headaches and migraines.

Limit Salt Intake- High salt consumption is commonly linked to an increase in
headache frequency.

Smoking Causes Headaches- The carbon monoxide inhaled adversely
affects brain blood flow and frequently triggers headaches.

Limit Nut and Cheese Intake- Both nuts and cheeses contain tyramine, which
can trigger a headache. Nuts and cheeses can be very healthy in proper
amounts, however.
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