Hangover Natural Cures
A hangover holds a category of painful occurrences resulting from the heavy
consumption of drugs, most frequently alcohol. Headache, nausea, sensitivity
to light and noise, lethargy, and thirst are frequent symptoms.

The Cracker and Honey Cure- Honey is a great source of fructose.
Consuming a bit will aid the flushing out of alcohol that remains in your body.

The Fruit Juice Cure- Fruit juice also contains fructose, which will aid the fight
against your hangover. Orange juice and tomato juice are just two juices
proven to work like a charm in the flushing of alcohol.

Drink Plenty of Water- Dehydration worsens the intensity of pain caused by a
hangover. Make sure to drink plenty of water before going to bed, as well as the
morning after, to ease the pain.

Fight Hangover with Amino Acids- Alcohol greatly diminishes the quantity of
amino acids in your body. Eat some bread or cereal for some carbohydrates
and your body's bloodstream will gain back some of its lost amino acids,
fighting the hangover.

Drink Coffee to Relieve Hangover- Coffee reduces the swelling of blood
vessels that cause headaches. A couple cups of coffee can diminish
headache pain associated with your hangover.

Eat a Nutritious Meal- If your body can tolerate it, a well-balanced meal may
be very beneficial during a hangover, a time when your body is lacking
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