Gingivitis Natural Cures
Gingivitis is defined as the inflammation of the gums induced by plaque atop
tooth surfaces. Usually, Gingivitis is caused by bacteria formation within the
gap between your tooth and your gums. The bacteria then produce foreign
chemicals and toxins that cause the inflammation of the gums.

Brush Better to Prevent Gingivitis- Obviously, your gingivitis only occurred
because you were missing spots consistently when you brushed your teeth.
Focus on a quality brushing, consisting of 3-5 minutes, 2-3 times per day.

Also, spend some extra time focusing on brushing at your gumline. It is here
that the gingivitis primarily starts and forms.

Get a Better Toothbrush- Based on studies, electric rotary toothbrushes
remove about 98 percent of the plaque present, while only about 48 percent of
the plaque is removed by hand brushing.

Using Vitamin C to Prevent Gingivitis- Vitamin C certainly won't cure your
gingivitis, but it is very good for the health of your gums. If your diet lacks
Vitamin C, the health of your gums may be suffering. Citrus fruits are rich in
this vitamin.

Massage your Gums- Massaging your gums, with simply your index finger,
will promote healthy blood circulation to your gums.

Smoking and Drinking- These are two things that drain your body's vitamins
and minerals, which are vital to the health of your mouth. Excess smoking or
drinking may have contributed to the formation of your gingivitis.

The Baking Soda Cure- Mix some baking soda in a bit of water and then apply
the solution, with your fingers, along the gumline of your mouth. Then, brush
your teeth. Doing this will kill acidic bacterial wastes in your mouth. It will also
perform a good cleaning and polishing of your teeth.

Curing Gingivitis with Raw Vegetables- Eating raw, rough vegetables not only
provide essential nutrients for your body, but also are great for the cleaning of
your mouth. Eating a raw carrot is a natural way to promote healthy gums and
clean teeth.

The Calcium Cure- Every bone in your body can be shrunk and become brittle
because of osteoporosis, including your jaw bone. A lack of calcium only has a
negative impact on your gingivitis.

Brush your Tongue- Many of the bacteria and toxins in your mouth are hiding
on your tongue. Remember to brush your tongue very softly and gently; you
don't want to scrape off your taste buds.
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