Food Poisoning
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Food poisoning, also known as Foodborne Illness, is an illness resulting from
the consumption of food. Most cases of food poisoning are caused by
foodborne pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and prions or parasites that
contaminate the food. The food contamination is usually a result of improper
handling, preparation, or food storage. The consumption of large quantities of
pesticides or medicines within the food too can cause food poisoning.

Drink Plenty of Fluids- The bacteria that irritates your intestinal tract will cause
you to lose a great amount of fluids. It is important to compensate by drinking
even more fluids than usual, possibly 10 to 12 glasses of water per day or
more to prevent dehydration and to help flush the problem out. Try to stick to
water or light fruit juices. Carbonated soft drinks can further irritate the stomach.

Drink Slowly- Vomiting is easily triggered while victim to food poisoning.
Overconsumption of anything too quickly while your body is in this weak state
can easily trigger vomiting, which you want to avoid.

Avoid Antacid- Antacid can reduce the amount of acids within your stomach
which may weaken your stomachs defense against the offending bacteria.
Antacid may cause bacteria to multiply to increased numbers at a more rapid
rate upon use.

Don't Induce Vomiting- Some people will intentionally cause themselves to
vomit through throat contact or by force in attempt to "remove" the problem.
This is the wrong approach, and is unhealthy. Allow your body to abolish the
problem naturally.

The Bland Foods Cure- A few hours after your diarrhea and vomiting has
settled down, it's a good idea to ease back into a light, healthy diet. But right
now, your stomach is in a very weak and irritated state. So, it's wise to ease
back into a healthier diet with foods that are more easily digestible. Soup,
cereal, pudding and crackers are a good start.

Also, try to avoid sugary, greasy, acidic, spicy, fiber-rich, or dairy foods that can
potentially irritate the stomach further.

The Rehydration Cure- The vomiting and diarrhea experienced as a result of
food poisoning drains your body of essential electrolytes. You can help restore
them with this very helpful beverage.

Simply use a fruit juice and add about a half of a teaspoon of honey and a
pinch of salt. This solution is rich in potassium, glucose, and sodium chloride,
which will help in the rehydration of your body.
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