Fatigue Natural Cures
Fatigue is best described as a lack of physical energy. Fatigue can naturally
occur from a variety of different things but can easily be reversed. Everyone
experiences some form a fatigue throughout life, but it depends on the
individual's health and well-being to limit it.

The Rest Time Cure- Studies show that people who rush out of the house
immediately or soon after waking up in the morning tend to have a lasting
negative impact on the energy they have for that day. Give yourself 15-20
minutes after waking up to ease yourself into an awoken state.

Cure Fatigue with a Good Breakfast- It is important to have a daily breakfast
consisting of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Having a big, healthy breakfast
daily is a great way to cure fatigue.

Television Causes Fatigue- Too much television, both in the morning and
throughout the day, has been shown to put one into a more drowsy state.
Instead, reading a book will stimulate your brain in a healthier way.

Exercise the Fatigue Away- Exercising gives you energy. It's important to
exercise daily for at least a good 15 minutes. Failure to exercise daily may be
the direct trigger of allowing your body to slip into its drowsy state. However,
don't exercise within 3 hours of bedtime, as it may prevent your body from
releasing natural melatonin, which will delay your sleep, possibly causing you
to feel more tired in the morning.

Get Enough Nutrients- Lack of nutrients too may directly cause fatigue. Try to
eat three, full, nutritious meals each day. Consider taking a daily multivitamin
or mineral supplement if your daily diet doesn't consist of enough nutrients.

Smoking Causes Fatigue- Smoking disrupts the delivery of oxygen to tissues,
resulting in fatigue. You may not see positive energy results immediately after
quitting, this is normal. It may take more time for your body's energy to stabilize
after quitting smoking. You may even feel more tired without the use of
cigarettes, but the long term effect will be an overall increase in energy.

Possibly Less Sleep- Though too little sleep may be causing your fatigue, too
much sleep too may be causing it. Depending on your age, 9 to 11 hours of
sleep may be too much. On an average, 6-8 hours usually is satisfying for
most peoples' needs.

Bring Light to Your Rooms- Studies show that a lot of color and light can
boost your energy levels. If your house is dark, or dark colored, it may be
causing your fatigue. Bringing light into your rooms may help.

Drink Plenty of Fluids- Lack of fluid causes dehydration, which is linked to
fatigue. Be sure to get your daily recommended amount of water, usually of
which is 8 glasses, to prevent fatigue.

Cut Caffeine to Cut Fatigue- Though caffeine may help you start off your day,
its positive effect usually ends there. It makes you feel like you have more
energy than you really have. Caffeine makes your energy level unstable, which
may make you feel fatigued throughout the day, despite its sudden burst of
energy upon consumption.
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