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Emphysema is a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, also referred to as
chronic obstructive lung disease. Emphysema is commonly caused by toxic
chemical exposure or long-term tobacco smoke exposure.

Emphysema is caused by a loss of elasticity of the lung tissue. This occurs
because of the destruction of structures supporting the alveoli and the
destruction of the capillaries feeding the alveoli. From this, your small airways
collapse during exhalation. This process impedes the airflow and traps the air
in your lungs.

Prevent Emphysema by Avoiding Smoke- Though direct smoke inhalation
plays a primary role in triggering Emphysema, long-term exposure to passive
smoke can too trigger Emphysema.

Avoid Allergens- Allergies often negatively affect your breathing. It's especially
important to make sure you're not exposed to allergens as a victim of

Cure Emphysema with Exercise- Walking regularly is very beneficial to the
Emphysema sufferer. It's also important to exercise the muscles in your neck,
upper shoulders, and chest. Try using 1 or 2 pound hand weights and work the
muscles in these areas specifically. People with chronic lung disease tend to
use their neck and upper respiratory chest muscles more than others, so it is
especially beneficial to those with Emphysema.

Swimming is another activity proven to be especially beneficial to Emphysema
sufferers, because by swimming you are breathing in very humidified air.

Reach Your Ideal Body Weight- The excess weight you carry around all day
only drains more energy from your body, including your lungs. Note that being
underweight too is bad for Emphysema sufferers. If you're underweight, you
can slowly add more calories to your diet. Protein rich foods are a great source
of calories.

Wear Loose Clothing to Ease Emphysema- Clothing that allows your chest
and abdomen to expand freely will allow your body to breathe more freely and
naturally. Avoid tight belts, bras, and girdles.

Avoid Chemical Sprays- Your lungs are in a weak state, so it is important to
play it easy on them especially in a time of vulnerability. Try to stick to just liquid
or gel hair solutions and solid applicable deodorants. Also, avoid
aerosol-spray household cleaners. The key is to avoid inhaling unknown
substances or chemicals that can potentially worsen your Emphysema

Using Vitamins C and E- These two vitamins are antioxidants, which can
potentially fight the oxidants from the cigarette smoke that may have damaged
your lungs.
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