Earwax Natural Cures
Earwax, also referred to medically as cerumen, is a yellowish, waxy substance
secreted within the ear canal. Earwax assists in cleaning and lubrication while
also acting as a guard against bacteria, fungi, and insects. However, excess
earwax can press against the eardrum and/or occlude the external auditory
canal, impairing healing.

Keep Everything Out- Many people continue to believe that the use of a
cotton-tipped swabs to collect bits of earwax is helping them and their hearing.
It's not. Although it does collect bits of earwax, by putting anything into your ear,
including your finger, you are only pushing the majority of the earwax further
into your ear, only further clogging your eardrum and diminishing your hearing.

The Blow Dryer Cure- Rather than rubbing your ears dry after a shower, try
drying it with a hair dryer. Make sure the hair dryer is on low or warm setting
and positioned at least a foot away from your ear to ensure pressure does not
overwhelm your eardrum. By doing this, you will allow the earwax to slowly and
naturally exit your ear at a its own pace, rather than pushing it further in each
time you try to dry your ears out with a towel.

Softening the Earwax- Another way to speed up the natural earwax extraction
is to drop a bit of fluid into the ear.

Simply use a mineral oil, glycerin, or hydrogen peroxide and add a couple
drops of the liquid to each of your ears. After a few seconds, you can allow the
excess liquid to flow out of your ear. By doing this, the liquid left inside will
soften the wax. Repeat this process twice a day for two days.

Now that the wax in your ear is soft and vulnerable, you should now rinse your
ears. To do this, first fill a bowl with body-temperature water. Next, fill a rubber
ball syringe with this warm water. Finally, allow the water to flow slowly and
gently into each ear canal. Now you can turn your head aside to allow the water
to flow out.

Knowing the Benefits of Earwax- Remember, earwax is naturally there to
serve the purpose of defending and cleaning your ear. It's the excess earwax
that starts diminishing the ability of your eardrum. Limit yourself to one earwax
softening/rinse per month
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