Earache Natural Cures
Otalgia, commonly referred to as Ear Ache or Ear Pain, is a pain within the ear,
commonly caused by impacted teeth, inflamed tonsils, sinus disease, and
infections within the nose and pharynx. The most common cause, however, is
the plugging of the eustachian tubes, which lead from the back of your throat to
the middle of your ear. This is usually aggravated by cold, sinus infection, or

The Hair Dryer Cure- Adjust the settings of a hair dryer so that it is set to a low
and warm setting. Now, hold the hair dryer 15-20 inches away from your
painful ear and aim the warm air towards the ear. The warmth the ear receives
from the hairdryer may greatly relieve earache pain.

Sit Upright to Cure Earache- Sitting upright is key to decrease the swelling
and to aid your eustachian tubes in draining themselves out.

The Warm Oil Cure- This easy technique can help you relieve earache pain if
you know your eardrum is not ruptured or punctured. If your eardrum is
ruptured or punctured, avoid this remedy.

Fill a pan with 2 or 3 cups of water and heat the water up until it reaches body
temperature. Now, place a bottle of baby or mineral oil into the pan and wait
until the oil within the bottle too reaches body temperature. By dropping a
couple drops of the oil into the affected ear you can quickly relieve its pain.

Plugging Your Nose- Here is a good way to neutralize the pressure causing
earache during a flight.

When the earache starts to occur during a flight, firstly plug your nostrils shut.
Now, take a deep breath through your mouth and try to release the air by trying
to breathe out gently through your plugged nose. Doing this you may
experience a popping feeling in your ears. This means that you have equalized
the pressure inside and outside of your ear.

Don't Sleep During the Descent- Another way to help diminish airplane
earache is to avoid being asleep during the descent of your plane. By sleeping
during the descent, your ears will be less able to adjust to the rapid pressure
changes caused by the descending plane. If you wish to sleep, doing so
towards the beginning of the flight will help you evade unnecessary ear pain
that day.
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