Dry Skin Natural Cures
Xeroderma, commonly referred to as Dry Skin or Winter Itch, is a condition
involving the integumentary system, which can commonly be treated and cured
by emollients or moisturizers. Dry skin is most commonly found on the arms,
lower legs, the sides of the abdomen and thighs. Dry skin is noted by
symptoms of scaling (the visible peeling of the outer layer of the skin), itching,
and cracks in the skin.

The Water Cure- One of the simpler ways to both prevent and reduce skin
dryness is to soak the affected areas of your skin in lukewarm water, not hot
water. It is not necessary to bathe more frequently, it is only necessary to use
cooler water more frequently.

Using Moisturizers to Cure Dry Skin- The lubrication of your skin is especially
important after you bathe. Naturally, the moisture that your skin is soaked in
evaporates. But  by using a moisturizer, the moisture within your skin is kept in
for longer durations of time.

Using Home Skin Moisturizers- Many of the special moisturizers you see
advertised are simply not necessary. You gain all of the same benefits by
simply using a petroleum jelly or mineral oil.

Keep the Air Cooler to Prevent Dry Skin- Allowing your home to become
unnecessarily hot will only cause further skin irritation during the winter. When
your home becomes too heated, your blood vessels dilate, initiating a possible
itch. Keeping your skin slightly cooler during the winter, a time of common skin
dryness, will help prevent irritation outbreaks.

Combating Dry Skin with Mild Soap- Strong soaps directly trigger skin dryness
and irritation. Try to use a more mild soap consisting of more natural, gentle
ingredients. You should avoid overwashing your skin, regardless of the soap.

The Oatmeal Cure- Oatmeal is a famous folk cure for dry skin, being known for
its skin care benefits for thousands of years. Pour a couple cups of colloidal
oatmeal into a bathtub of lukewarm water and bathe.

The Humidifier Cure- One of the most common causes of dry skin and irritation
is the overheating of the home during the winter. To counter this, you should
consider using a humidifier next to your bed while asleep. You should also
keep the door of the room closed in order to trap the moisture inside.
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