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Diverticulosis, also known as Diverticular Disease, is the condition of having
diverticula in the colon, which are outpocketings of the colonic mucosa and
submucosa through weaknesses of muscle layers in the colon wall.

Factors contributing towards Diverticulosis include a diet which is low in fiber or
high in fat, increasing age, and constipating conditions.

Symptoms most commonly include bleeding, bloating, abdominal pain or
cramping after meals, and changes in bowel movements. Generally, one
suffering from Diverticulosis will feel pressure, or a pulling sensation, in the

About 10% of the US population over the age of 40 and 50% over the age of 60
have diverticulosis.

The Fiber Cure- Fiber is possibly the most important factor in both preventing
and treating diverticulosis. Unfortunately, Americans on average only receive
about half of the recommended daily consumption of fiber.

The importance of fiber in preventing diverticulosis is due to its ability to draw
water to the stool, making movements smoother. It is recommended that one
receive 30 to 35 grams of fiber daily. Great sources of fiber include whole wheat
bread, all-bran cereals, fruits, and vegetables.

Despite the immediate importance of maintaining a healthy fiber intake, you
should go about increasing your consumption gradually. Because you need to
allow time for your digestive system to adapt, you should be slowly increasing
your intake over a 5 to 6 week period.

Drink Plenty of Fluids- Drinking plenty of water daily is important in preventing
both constipation and diverticulosis. It's recommended that one drinks at
minimum 7 or 8 glasses of water daily.

Exercise to Cure Diverticulosis- As well as toning your external body muscles,
it helps strengthen the muscles in your colon. A stronger colon will reduce the
amount of straining needed to defecate.

Preventing Diverticulosis by Avoiding Caffeine- Caffeine contained within
coffee, some teas, chocolate, and soft drinks have a tendency to irritate the
bowels and initiate forms of constipation and diverticulosis.

Quit Smoking- Smoking has been linked to triggering diverticulosis.

The Prune Cure- Prunes and prune juices are both great natural laxatives.

Chew Seeds Well- Nuts and popcorn contain seeds that can potentially inhabit
the diverticula and cause inflammation. If you're frequently prone to
diverticulosis pain you should avoid such seeds altogether.    

Go When Needed- Alongside increasing the functionality of your bowels, you
should always honor the urge to defecate. Many people tend to ignore urges
because of inconvenience. Failure to defecate when nature calls will lead one
back to constipation and diverticulosis.
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