Constipation Natural Cures
One of the main causes of constipation is because of lack of fluids. You
should check and evaluate your diet, to ensure that you are consuming
enough fluids while consistently having enough fiber (20-35grams) each day.

Exercise your Constipation Away- Exercising daily is essential to your
health, body, mind, and yes, bowels. Lack of exercise may directly trigger
constipation, slowing down frequency of bowel movements.

Evaluate Your Diet- Some foods, such as milk, for instance, may trigger a
form of constipation in some, while it may also trigger diarrhea for others. Try
to evaluate your diet to find out what may be contributing towards your
constipation, and consult a doctor.

Toilet Train Yourself- For many, constipation occurs because the individual
has conditioned him/herself to defecate when it's most convenient, rather
than when the individual feels the urge to. Resisting the urge, because at the
time it was inconvenient, may very well be the cause of your constipation.

The most natural time to go to the bathroom is after a meal. Pick a meal out
of your day, perhaps breakfast, and after that meal just sit on the toilet for 15
minutes, regardless of urge to defecate or not. Doing this, daily, your body will
condition itself to naturally go at this time.

The Relaxation Cure- If you're stressed out or tense, your bowels slow down,
or stop. Take some time out of your day to sit down and relax. Try listening to
some relaxing music.

The Laughing Cure- Laughing helps with constipation in that it massages
your intestines, promoting digestion, while relieving stress. Both ways of
which will fight constipation.

Smaller Meals Fight Constipation- If you're currently constipated, eating
smaller meals will allow your digestive tract to get back on track. Overeating
while already constipated may only contribute worse to the problem.
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