Cold Sores
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Cold Sores, also known as herpes simplex or oral herpes, is a viral disease
that infects the face and mouth. Herpes viruses cycle between periods of
activity, in which blisters containing infectious virus particles appear, and
inactivity, in which the sores disappear. Cold sores tend to last 2-21 days at a

Cold sores are easily transmitted by direct contact with a lesion or the body fluid
of an infected individual. Though there is no cure for herpes, various forms of
treatment are commonly sought to reduce viral reproduction and shedding,
prevent the virus from entering the skin, and alleviate the severity of outbreaks.

Replace your Toothbrush- Studies have shown that upon exposure, a
toothbrush can store the herpes virus for days. When you first notice signs of
cold sores, replace your toothbrush. The easiest and most effective way to
ensure that multiple cold sores don't develop is to use and dispose of
disposable toothbrushes on a daily basis until the cold sores clear.

Use Smaller Tubes to Prevent Cold Sores- Herpes simplex can be easily
stored on your tube of toothpaste upon contact with your toothbrush. Rather
than using large tubes of toothpaste for months at a time, which welcome
recurring cold sores, seek smaller tubes of toothpaste that will last and be
thrown away in shorter durations of time.

Fight Cold Sores with Zinc- Water-based zinc solutions have shown to have
great benefit in reducing the duration of cold sores when applied at first signs
of tingling.

Avoid Cold Sores by Relaxing- Studies have shown that stress can trigger
recurrences of cold sores. View the
Stress section for more information.

Prevent Cold Sores with Exercise- Exercise helps strengthen your immune
system which will allow you to better defend yourself against viruses. Alongside
this, it also contributes towards relaxation, another important factor in
preventing cold sores.

Avoid Arginine to Avoid Cold Sores- Because herpes simplex relies on this
essential amino acid, avoiding foods rich in arginine such as chocolate,
gelatin, peanuts, cashews, beer, and colas will in turn help prevent cold sore

The Ice Cure- The application of ice to cold sores has shown to be helpful in
decreasing inflammation.

The Lysine Cure- Studies have shown that a daily 2,000 to 3,000 milligram
supplement of lysine can be beneficial in preventing cold sore recurrence.
Foods rich in this amino acid include dairy products and potatoes.
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