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The Common Cold is a highly contagious viral infectious disease of the
upper respiratory system. The cold occurs more often than any other
disease and often lasts 3 to 10 days.

Some symptoms are sore throat, runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing,
and coughing.

The Common Cold is a result of the individual's exposure to the virus. The
intensity, however, depends on the health of the individual and
environmental factors.

The Lemon Cure- Lemon is one of the most efficient home remedies for the
common cold.  Lemon Juice is rich in Vitamin-C which can increase your
body's resistance and reduce the intensity/duration of the cold. Squeeze one
lemon's juice content into a glass of warm water and consume 2-3 glasses
a day.

The Ginger Cure- Ginger is an extremely efficient warrior to the common
cold. Boil a cup of water, in a pot, on a stove and slice off about 10 tiny slivers
of ginger root into the water. Green Tea can also aid the fight against the
cold. Add a bag of green to the pot and also feel free to add about a
teaspoon of honey as well. The final solution should be warm-hot.

Cure Colds with Vitamin C- Be sure to include enough Vitamin C into your
daily diet as a preventive of The Common Cold. If The Common Cold still
occurs, even more Vitamin C is suggested to relieve the cold symptoms and
reduce its duration.

Rest to Ease Cold Symptoms- Many times one suffering from a cold will
attempt to ignore rest and rather fight through the cold in order to continue on
in their daily life. This approach is very inefficient in that the duration of your
cold will increase because your immune system will be further weakened
and the natural healing process will be slowed down. It is important to take a
break from standard daily life to rest in order for your cold to diminish more

Using Zinc Lozenges to Shorten Colds- Studies show that sucking on zinc
lozenges can reduce the duration of the cold by on average 7 days.
Alongside this, zinc also reduces cold symptom intensity by relieving
symptoms of dry or irritated throat.

Keep Warm- Covering up to stay warm while victim to a cold will allow your
immune system to focus all of its energy on fighting your cold rather than
protecting you from a chill.

The Chicken Soup Cure- A warm bowl of chicken soup has great potential in
relieving cold symptoms because of its ability to increase the flow of nasal

Drink Plenty of Fluids- Because many of your fluids are lost during a cold it
is important to compensate. Drinking at least 7 or 8 glasses of liquid daily
will play a prominent role in flushing out the impurities of a cold and
replacing vital nutrients.

Using Steam to Cure a Cold- Bathing in warm water while victim to a cold is
very beneficial in that the steam inhaled will help clear congestion and
relieve cough.

The Gargle Cure- The pain in your throat can be relieved quite quickly by
gargling a glass of warm water consisting of a teaspoon of salt 2 to 3 times

Don't Smoke- Smoking is very harmful to a cold sufferer in that it aggravates
an already irritated throat and interferes with the infection-fighting cilia of your

Get Circulation- Alongside resting, a mild exercise may prove very beneficial
for the cold sufferer in that it helps the immune system circulate the
antibodies, which fight infection. A simple 15 minute walk will achieve just
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