Chapped Lips Natural Cures
Chapped lips is a condition whereby the lips are dry and possibly cracked, a
result possibly of the evaporation of the moisture.

Chapped Lip Inducers-
-Dry Air can cause dried out lips because your lips don't have any sweat or
sebaceous glands to help keep them moist and lubricated in dry or windy
-The Sun has much greater impact on your lips than the rest of your skin.
This is because your lips don't have any melanin, meaning your lips cannot
tan to protect themselves from ultraviolet sunlight.

Drink Enough Water to Prevent Chapped Lips- Water keeps your lips and
skin moist and supple. Try drinking at least eight glasses of water a day.

Using Balms and Sunscreens- Try to get into the habit of applying a lip balm
with a sunscreen several times daily. Try to find a lip balm with a sun
protection factor of 15 or higher. This will relieve and prevent dryness and
chapping. Don't forget to continue this procedure throughout the winter as
well. The sun's rays will still harm your lips even when it isn't warm and
sunny outside.

The Honey Cure- Honey is great in combating chapped lips in that it has
antibacterial properties that can help heal and soothe chapped lips.
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