Cellulite Natural Cures
Cellulite is a condition in which the skin of the lower limbs, abdomen, and
pelvic region is affected by dimples after puberty. Almost all post-pubescent
females are affected to some degree by Cellulite. Based on studies, it is
assumed that Cellulite is primarily linked to hormonal activity. Though Cellulite
is common among females, it is rarely seen in males.

Lose Extra Weight- Though being overweight isn't necessarily the cause of
your Cellulite, it is a possibility. Cellulite is basically fat, so hopefully the loss of
your excess weight will too aid in ridding of your Cellulite.

Eat Nutritiously to Prevent Cellulite- Cellulite commonly develops in those
that have an unbalanced diet, most likely lacking a variety of essential
nutrients. Try to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as including fruit
or vegetable juices into your daily diet. Also, try to limit your calorie intake while
boosting your nutrient intake by targeting healthy, nutritious foods.

Constipation's Link to Cellulite- Those that suffer from constipation have also
been known to suffer from Cellulite. An easy thing you can do is to boost your
fiber intake by eating green vegetables and grains on a consistent basis. In
fact, you should try sprinkling raw bran atop your foods or your beverages to aid
this cause.

Another easy thing you can do to diminish your constipation is to take your time
eating, chewing your food well. Also, drinking beverages that are room
temperature will avoid the constriction of your esophagus and stomach that is
caused by cold or ice-cold beverages. Visit the
Constipation section for more

The Massage Cure- Massaging the affected areas has shown to  normalize
and ease tissue in cellulite affected areas.

Reducing Stress to Cure Cellulite- Cellulite can likely occur when the
muscles in your body become tense. One cause of  muscle tensity is Stress.
Visit the
Stress section for more information.

The Relaxation Cure- A great way to quickly and easily enter and maintain a
relaxed state as well as to benefit the smoothness of your skin is to create a
mineral bath. Simply add about 2 cups of sea salt to the warm bathwater and
spread the salt amongst the water of the tub. When ready, relax in this mineral
solution for at least a good 15-20 minutes.
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