Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition in which the median nerve is
compressed at the wrist, which leads to pain, paresthesias, and muscle
weakness within your forearm and hand. One of the most common causes of
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is due to the increased repeated use of the hand or
wrist. Be sure you're not mistaking Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for Arthritis,
though. The pain in your wrist and hand is not always carpal tunnel syndrome
related. If you get a crackly or crunchy feeling in your wrist upon exercise, it may
likely be osteoarthritis, which should be checked out by a doctor.

Hand Exercises- When you feel tingling in your wrist or hand, it's a good idea
to do some quick hand exercises to restore circulation to the affected area.

A good exercise for this is to rotate your wrist by moving your hands around in
gentle circles for a couple of minutes.

The Ice Cure- Applying ice to the affected area will reduce the swelling.
Heating pads only increase the swelling, so stay away from them.

Sleep Positioning- By allowing your hand to fall off the side of the bed at night,
the pressure on your hand will likely increase. If you wake up during the night
because of an occurrence of tingling or pain, perform the same quick hand
exercises you perform during daytime to quickly relieve the symptoms.

Wrist Splint- Using a wrist splint to keep your wrist straight can relieve carpal
tunnel syndrome symptoms. What the splint does is helps keep pressure off
of the aggravated nerve. You can purchase wrist splints at the store, but make
sure that it fits properly, allowing your fingers and thumb to function properly
with it on. Also, you don't want it too tight, as this may cut off circulation to your
wrist and hand.

Squeezing the Pain- Gently squeeze your fingers against the palm of your
hand. Then, stretch them out far and hold this position. Repeat this process as
necessary, relieving the tingling feeling that occurs with Carpal Tunnel

Rise Hands for Symptom Relief- If you're able to, having your hands above
your shoulder when resting is a good position for relief. Try to get into a
comfortable position where your hands are pointed upwards, as this will
further relax and relief symptoms. Try to avoid letting your hands droop low
while resting or relaxing.
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