Canker Sore Natural Cures
A canker sore causes a painful open sore in the mouth, caused by a break
in the mucous membrane. The condition is also known as aphthous
stomatitis,  and "Sutton's Disease," especially when there are multiple or
recurring ulcers.

The Wet Tea Bag Cure- Some dermatologists recommend applying a wet,
black tea bag to the ulcer. Black tea contains tannin, that has pain-relieving

The Goldenseal Root Cure- Purchase some goldenseal root from your
local health food store and create a tea with it. Use it as a mouthwash.
This has been said to have great success aiding the removal of canker

Avoid Canker Sore Triggers- Citrus fruit, walnuts, spices, coffee,
chocolate, and strawberries have all been said to irritate canker sores, and
also trigger them.
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