Bruxism Natural Cures
Bruxism is defined as the grinding of the teeth, accompanied by the clenching
of the jaw. Bruxism most often occurs during sleep and is one of the most
common sleep disorders. In fact, about 30 to 40 million Americans suffer from
tooth grinding each night.

Knowing Your Jaw Position- During the day your teeth should only touch when
chewing food or swallowing. By practicing keeping your teeth apart throughout
the day, your urge to clench or grind will greatly decrease.

The Relaxation Cure- Your teeth grinding is likely related to stress, like most
other Bruxism sufferers. Here are some things you can start doing today to
ease and relax your body:
-Take warm baths
-Learn relaxation techniques such as meditation
-Cut down on caffeine. By doing this you will both improve your nutrition and
prevent yourself from becoming jittery, which will reduce your body's likeliness
to chomp and teeth-grind.
-Check out our
Stress section

Using a Mouth Guard to Cure Bruxism- The majority of your tooth wear
because of Bruxism is likely occurring when you have little control over it, while
you're asleep. You can purchase a mouth guard at most sporting good stores.
When you've obtained the mouth guard, soak it in hot water and then place it
into your mouth and bite down to allow it to fit your mouth.

The Heat Cure- Try soaking a rag in hot water and applying it to the sides of
your face by the jaw. Doing this, your clenching muscles will be at ease and
less likely to chomp. Do this as frequently as you please.

Using Raw Vegetables to Relieve Bruxism- Try munching on raw carrots, raw
cauliflower, or an apple to calm the energy of your mouth and jaw down. This
can be especially helpful just prior to your bed time.
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