Bronchitis Natural Cures
Bronchitis is defined as the inflammation of the bronchi. There are two types of
bronchitis. One being acute bronchitis, a form of bronchitis caused by viruses
or bacteria, lasting several days or weeks. The second type of Bronchitis is
Chronic Bronchitis, a persistent and productive cough lasting for years.

Quit Smoking to Relieve Bronchitis- The single most important thing you can
achieve in overcoming bronchitis is to drop the cigarettes. In fact, 95 percent of
chronic bronchitis is due directly to smoking. Though some damage to the
lungs may be irreversible because of long-time smoking, conditions will
improve regardless. It may still be possible for you to completely abolish

Avoid Passive Smoke Too- Passive smoke alone can contribute greatly
towards chronic Bronchitis. Politely ask other smokers who are affecting you to

Using Steam to Cure Bronchitis- Steam is very useful for the health and
healing of your bronchi. A good way to inhale steam is to fill up your sink with
hot water. Then, hold a towel over your head and the sink, covering the sink as
if you are trying to keep the steam within. Now, breathe in the steam for a few
minutes. You can repeat this process as regularly as you like, although 2-3
times a day should be enough to really help.

Drink Plenty of Fluids- What drinking fluids does is help keep the mucus
watery, thus being easier to cough up. Avoid caffeine and alcoholic beverages,
as these are diuretics that actually cause you to lose more fluids than you gain.
The recommended daily consumption of water is 8 glasses.
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