Bedwetting Natural Cures
Bedwetting is involuntary urination while asleep after the age at which bladder
control would normally take place. At age 5, approximately 20% of children
experience bedwetting. By age 15, approximately 1-2% of children experience

Be Patient with Bedwetting- Many times bedwetting is unpreventable and may
remain in a child through adolescence. Punishing your child upon wetting the
bed and praising your child upon a dry night is the wrong approach as doing
this will only make your child feel uncomfortable and further embarrassed.

Avoid Bedwetting Stress through Preparation- Your child may experience a
great deal of stress and discomfort throughout the night after wetting the bed.
You can help diminish this by leaving your child a felt-covered rubber pad to
place over the wet part of the bed during the night. Alongside this, clean sheets
and dry pajamas should also be left out for both you and your child's

Try a Bedwetting Alarm- Bedwetting alarms can help greatly in conditioning
your child to wake up prior to urination. When used, the alarm will activate each
time your child is wet. After continued use and conditioning, your child may
wake up naturally prior to bedwetting occurring.

Many bedwetting alarms are loud and can wake up family members upon
activation. Alongside bedwetting in general, it is important to maintain patience
and understanding that using a bedwetting alarm may prevent your family
having to go through the inconvenience of dealing with bedwetting for months
or years to come.

Fight Bedwetting with Bladder Exercises- Bladder stretching may prove
helpful if your child is currently going to the bathroom fairly often throughout the
day. Have your child drink plenty of fluids throughout the day and practice
holding off urination for longer durations of time. Doing this will strengthen the
child's bladder control both during daytime and nighttime.
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