Bad Breath Natural Cures
Bad Breath is something that everyone experiences from time to time,
especially after sleeping. The majority of cases of bad breath are caused by
bacteria in your mouth, or by leftover sulfur in your mouth from foods such as
broccoli or garlic.

Drink Enough Water- Water helps keep your mouth odor-free. If you can't or
don't wish to brush your teeth after every meal, swish some water around in
your mouth.

Brush Your Tongue to Prevent Bad Breath- Your tongue can be a major
contributing factor towards your bad breath if you don't keep it clean. Your
tongue collects food particles and bacteria which over time results in bad
breath. However, don't brush your tongue too hard or fast, as this may
damage your taste buds.

Cure Bad Breath with Yogurt and Buttermilk- Consider eating yogurt or
drinking buttermilk. The lactobacilli in these products will diminish the rate at
which the odor-causing bacteria can grow.

Using Sweets for Fast Bad Breath Relief- If you urgently need to extinguish
the bad breath, eating something sweet can work wonders. The bacteria that
causes cavities also fights bad breath.

Breathe Through Your Nose at Night- Breathing through your mouth can
make your morning breath worse because it can dry out your mouth even
more. Your mouth doesn't create much saliva at night, allowing food particles
and bacteria to remain in your mouth. Brushing your teeth and tongue prior to
bed will also help prevent the build-up of bad breath over night.
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